Melissa Murphy

BCBA, Co-Director of Inclusion & Neuro-Diversion, & Autistic Advocate

Melissa’s childhood was different than other childhoods as her father was in the military. Melissa was born in the United States. However, her family moved overseas to Spain and Okinawa when she was a young child. Upon her father’s retirement, Melissa moved to Ohio where her family is from. Throughout life, social and communication skills have been difficult. This has caused many obstacles that typical individuals do not face. Melissa was not correctly diagnosed as a young adolescent. It was not until her second child Gabriella was born and a divorce that she realized she needed a correct diagnosis and interventions. After consulting many psychiatrists and doctors, she was diagnosed with autism and other comorbid diagnoses.  
During this time, she and her husband Justin got a puppy named Mickey. During an episode, Mickey demonstrated his ability to complete certain tasks that allowed Melissa to function in society. He completed a service dog program and currently assists Melissa.  
Despite the many adversities, she has overcome many obstacles including earning her Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of West Florida. She previously worked in the public and private educational system as a teacher for Emotionally Behavioral Disturbed K-5 children, and children with autism spectrum disorder. She has worked for several different Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy companies as both a RBT and Behavior Analyst providing behavior analytic services in clinic, schools, community, and private homes for children between the ages of two through 12.  
Melissa continues to dedicate her time to researching Applied Behavior Analysis and using her own experiences to write and implement effective interventions for the children on her case load. Her main areas of interest are early intervention including functional communication training, practical functional assessments, toilet training, feeding, providing high quality supervision, and caregiver training.  
Melissa is passionate about making an impact on the families she encounters and sharing her experiences to make a positive difference in the lives of the families she serves.
Melissa hopes in the near future to pursue her Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis to continue her professional growth and development.