Joshua Kingston

BCBA, Co-Director of Inclusion & Neuro-Diversion, & Autistic Advocate

Joshua Kingston has worked in Applied Behavior Analysis for over a decade. He began as a Behavior Interventionist in 2011, was promoted to Lead Interventionist in 2013, became a BCBA in 2016, became a Safety Care Instructor in 2017, and was promoted to Assistant Director in 2018. His primary focus is on aggressive and high-crisis behaviors. He has provided both in-home and center-based care, has held courses in crisis management for RBTs and BCBAs, and has collaborated with Child Protective Services to develop training sessions in mandatory reporting. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Development from Ashford University in 2011 and his Master’s Degree in Psychology with a focus in ABA from Kaplan University in 2015.

Being autistic himself, Josh brings a deeply personal understanding of the barriers standing in the way of those on the spectrum and makes every effort to minimize the effects of said barriers on his clients. Josh is also openly transgender and strives to support diversity and inclusion with respect to both his colleagues and his clients.