Jeremy Fowler

RBT & Autistic Advocate

Jeremy Fowler is a 23-year-old that has been working for Full Spectrum since November of 2021. After receiving his AA and AS in Digital Media, Jeremy decided he wanted to take a gap year before obtaining his BA to work with children with disabilities. This was because the many therapists Jeremy had growing up made a strong impact on his life, and he wanted to do the same for other children with disabilities.

Beginning at age 4, Jeremy received occupational, physical, speech, and eye therapy. At the age of 5, ABA was an at-home supplement to his other therapies. The ABA focus was sensory integration, and he improved quickly in this area with the help of ABA. Today, Jeremy works diligently as an RBT to make sure ­the children he works with have an equal chance of success and looks forward to becoming more knowledgeable in the field.